5A peak current grid driver can reduce system complexity and cost

A new 5A peak current gate driver can reduce the complexity and cost of the system.

Power integrations is a leader in IGBT and MOSFET Driver Technology for medium and high voltage inverter applications. Today, it launched scale idriver ™  The latest member of IC series.

Sid1102k - single channel isolated IGBT and MOSFET gate driver in wide body ESOP package. The peak driving current of the new device is 5a, and the switching device of 300A can be driven without driving stage; An external drive stage can be used to increase the gate current to a peak of 60 A in a cost-effective manner. The device can provide n-channel drive for the lower tube and upper tube driven MOSFET switches, so as to reduce the system cost, reduce the switching loss and improve the output power.

Power integrations innovative solid insulation fluxlink ™  Technology provides enhanced insulation, so there is no need for optocouplers, which can further improve reliability and stability. Scale idriver technology can reduce the quantity of BOM materials, so as to simplify design and manufacturing; A complete driver can be designed using a sid1102k IC and eight peripheral components. The device provides system level protection functions, including undervoltage protection, rail to rail stable output voltage (single power supply), high common mode transient immunity, 9.4 mm creepage distance and electrical clearance.

Michael hornkamp, senior marketing director of power integrations gate driver products, said: "the new sid1102k gate driver IC provides designers with an easy to implement scalable solution and integrates many important safety and protection functions in a compact and rugged package. It shortens time to market."

Major applications include UPS, standard AC drives and variable frequency drives (VFDs), photovoltaic / solar systems, commercial air conditioners, DC chargers and welding equipment.