LED driver ICs are optimized for high voltage line applications.

Optimized performance for Asian, European lighting markets; provides excellent dimming


San Jose, California. – Power Integrations (NASDAQ: POWI), a leader in high-efficiency, high-reliability LED driver ICs, today added devices optimized for high-line applications, completing the launch of its LYTSwitch™-4 LED driver IC family . LYTSwitch-4 ICs provide accurate output current and high efficiency for bulb and tube applications as well as high bay lighting. These devices simplify design and reduce cost while ensuring lamps provide uniform light output and excellent performance in TRIAC dimmable applications.

The LYTSwitch-4 IC utilizes a combined PFC and CC single-stage converter topology with power factors greater than 0.95 and efficiencies greater than 90% in typical applications. Designs based on the new drivers can easily meet EN61000-3-2C total harmonic distortion (THD) specifications; optimized designs provide less than 10% THD. Regulation of better than +/- 5% across load and production distribution reduces system cost by reducing the need for over-engineering to meet minimum brightness targets. The device's high switching frequency (132 kHz) enables the use of smaller, lower cost magnetics, and frequency jitter reduces EMI filtering requirements. These factors allow LED driver designs to easily fit into space-constrained bulb styles.

Andrew Smith, senior product marketing manager at Power Integrations, commented: "The LYTSwitch-4 LED driver IC has been very popular since the low-line device was first introduced due to its combination of efficiency and excellent dimming performance. Even with leading and trailing TRIAC dimming Lighters are used together, and at low conduction angles, the design is also NEMA SSL-7 compliant. Startup is very fast, typically less than 500ms, even when dimmed to less than 10% light output, and virtually eliminates pop up." 

Designers can evaluate the new LYTSwitch-4 LED driver IC family using the new high-line LED lighting reference design co-developed with Cree. DER-396 describes a PAR38 spotlight LED driver design. These documents and all other Cree-like reference designs are hosted at http://www.powerint.com/ledrivers/cree.


LYTSwitch ICs enable small, long-lasting lamps in a wide range of applications including consumer light bulbs, commercial lighting and T8 tubes, industrial, high bay and exterior lighting. LYTSwitch devices also provide all common safety features common to Power Integrations products, including overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection. Additionally, LYTSwitch devices do not require optocouplers or electrolytic bulk capacitors, reducing component count and improving reliability. Highline LYTSwitch-4 ICs are sampling now in eSIP-7C (E) and eSIP-7F (L) packages, with prices ranging from $0.58 (non-dimming) to $0.62 (dimming) in 10,000-unit quantities. Reference designs can be downloaded at http://www.powerint.com/en/design-support/reference-designs/design-examples. Product data sheets and product introduction videos are also available on the Power Integrations website at http://www.powerint. com/products/lytswitch-family/lytswitch-4.

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