St introduces the third generation stpower silicon carbide (SIC) MOSFET transistor

ST's latest generation silicon carbide (SIC) power devices have improved performance and reliability, maintained its consistent leading position, and made it more suitable for electric vehicles and energy-saving industrial applications

Italy France semiconductor welcomes future growth and continues to make long-term investment in SiC market

STMicroelectronics (st) launched the third generation stpower silicon carbide (SIC) MOSFET transistor "MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) is a basic part of modern electronic products. It promotes the cutting-edge application of total power success rate devices of electric vehicles, as well as in other scenes with high power density, high energy efficiency and high reliability as important goals.

Edoardo Merli, vice president of Italian French semiconductor automotive and discrete device product group and general manager of power transistor business department, said.

We will continue to promote this exciting technological development and innovate at the chip and packaging level. As a SiC product manufacturer with complete control over the supply chain, we can provide customers with products with continuously improved performance. We continue to invest in automotive and industrial projects, and SiC revenue is expected to reach $1 billion by 2024.

The third generation silicon carbide technology platform of Italian French semiconductor has completed the standard certification, and most products derived from the technology platform are expected to reach commercial maturity by the end of 2021. Devices with nominal voltages of 650V, 750V to 1200V will be put on the market one after another, providing designers with more choices to develop applications, from public power output to high-voltage battery and charger power supply of electric vehicles. The first available products are 650V sct040h65g3ag and 750V sct160n75g3d8ag in the form of bare chips.

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ST's latest planar MOSFET has set a new quality factor (FOM) benchmark for the transistor industry with a new third-generation SiC technology platform. The industry recognized fom [on resistance (RON) x chip area and Ron x gate charge (QG)] algorithm can indicate the energy efficiency, power density and switching performance of transistors. It is more and more difficult to improve fom with ordinary silicon technology, so SiC technology is the key to further improve FOM. ST's third generation SiC products will lead the progress of transistor FOM.

SiC MOSFET has higher withstand voltage rating per unit area than silicon-based MOSFET, making it the best choice for electric vehicles and fast charging infrastructure. SiC also has the advantages of very fast parasitic diode switch and bidirectional current flow characteristics of electric vehicle external power supply (v2x) on-board charger (OBC). It can draw power from on-board battery to power infrastructure. In addition, the extremely high switching frequency of silicon carbide transistors provides the possibility of using smaller passive components in the power system, which makes the electrical equipment in the vehicle more compact and lightweight. These product advantages also help to reduce the cost of ownership in industrial applications.

ST's third-generation products provide a variety of packages, including chips, discrete power packages (stpak, h2pak-7l, hip247-4l and hu3pak) and acepack series power modules. These packages provide designers with innovative functions, such as specially designed cooling fins, which can simplify the connection between the chip and the substrate and the radiator for electric vehicle applications, so that designers can choose industrial applications such as special chip (OBC), DC / DC converter, electronic air conditioning compressor and solar inverter, energy storage system motor driver and power supply according to applications such as power motor inverter and on-board charger.