LeaDer has established a global set of policies and management systems that are continuously improved to protect our people and the environment. Our management systems comply with international environmental, safety and quality standards and are certified internationally.

In order to optimize and improve operational efficiency, customer service level and product quality, so that leader can provide excellent customer experience, leader will continuously improve facilities and environment, process systems, products and services to meet customer needs and comply with relevant laws and regulations. .

We believe in the power of engineering to deliver innovations that change the world...and innovations that keep the world going.

One of the broadest line cards in high service distribution

Our product line cards include products, services and solutions that support the design journey, from prototyping and testing through to production and maintenance. To keep up with changing technology, our engineers actively seek and source innovative niche manufacturers for today's most in-demand applications. Our direct relationships with industry-leading manufacturers mean you have access to the latest technology and information first, and as an authorized distributor we only sell genuine products, so you can be confident you're getting the highest quality components and service from established suppliers

We stock more than 950,000 products and brands from more than 2,000 suppliers, add 5,000 new products every month, and offer over 4 million products on demand. We ship more than 19 million order lines each year, most of which are available for same-day shipping. Additionally, Multicomp PRO's portfolio of exclusive brands offers you great value with reliable components and equipment at low prices.

Gain engineering expertise to support your needs

We provide access to thousands of engineers through our own support services and our community to help you bring your products to market.

Our technical support team of engineers can be reached online 24/5 for advice on the latest expertise, or by phone during normal local business hours.

With over 750,000 registered users, the element14 community gives buyers and engineers access to peers and experts, a wide range of independent technical information and proprietary tools. Users can research new technologies, design electronics, or find parts to fix existing systems. The element14 community also conducts drive tests, webinars and design challenges for members, and provides forum support for products such as Altium CircuitStudio.