Privacy protection

Information security assurance

Access to stored data or information you provide is password-protected, and password access is restricted. Firewall technology can be used to prevent unauthorized access, and the server is backed up daily to store files in a secure location.

Our website uses SSL ("Secure Socket Layer" technology), which is the standard for securing information on the Internet. SSL is an open protocol to ensure the security of computer communication data between networks. This protocol is widely used to facilitate interoperability between organizational products. It provides an environment in which data for e-commerce is securely encrypted and protected. SSL provides an easy way to enhance the security of existing applications and network infrastructure. SSL is application protocol independent and provides:

Encryption, thereby creating a secure channel to prevent unauthorized access to the network;

Authentication, which uses certificates and digital signatures to verify the identity of parties to information exchanges and transactions, and

The integrity of the information, thus ensuring that the information cannot be changed midway.

E-commerce on this website is verified by VeriSign, the world's leading website verification agency.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

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